Monday, January 24, 2011

Nano's Nature Nurturers

Nano’s Nature Nurturers
Inaugural meeting held at Nano Cottage Kitchen Garden-10 May 2010   
*8th anniversary of the Opening of Nano Cottage

Present: Michael Siciliano:          Acting Principal
             Charlotte Gourlie:          3G
             Sandra Russo:                3R
             Clare Maloney:               Itinerant Teacher: Communication

Meeting opened with the quote:

“Give people a fish and feed them for a day, teach people to fish and feed them for many a day”

  1. Michael would like NNN to be a group which does things differently (as regards the environment) not extra things
  2. A compost bin has been organised for Recess food scraps – (thanks Coley for donating the bin)
  3. Charlotte has applied for a grant through Blacktown Council for appropriate varieties of trees to be planted around the school
(*This application was successful – congratulations Charlotte)
4.  A suggestion for classes to “adopt a garden” and be responsible to plant, water and weed it, will be followed up by Sandra and Charlotte
5.  Clare can provide seeds and cuttings from NCKG, if requested
6.  A worm farm will be set up so worm juice can be used as fertiliser
7.  Projects such as water and energy saving could be introduced, by teachers encouraging students to turn off taps, lights, fans, computer monitors and reporting leaking taps and investigating types of taps used
8.  Clare has a list of websites to share if teachers are interested; a good place to start is Biodiversity for Kids, Stephanie Alexander Foundation and the Martin Luther King Edible School Yard
Next Meeting Monday 21 June Week 10 at NCKG

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