Thursday, November 26, 2015

Spreading the Good News!

When Mr Mark Taylor MP, visited the revamped garden at St Bernadette's Primary Lalor Park recently, he was impressed with the knowledge and enthusiasm of the Environment Leaders. Discussion revolved around Aloe Vera (used in creams and tissues!)Sunflowers (for oil and seeds!) Cherry Tomatoes and Flat Leaf Parsley (for making tabbouleh!) Sensory Gardens (can you detect the lemon scent?) a Saint Mary MacKillop Callistemon (named after Australia's first saint!) Mint which tastes like Chocolate and Composting! Mark also shared with the students his knowledge of State Parliament and the responsibilities which his job entails! He explained that the essence of a good speech was to have three specific points to present and Emma (Stage 3) followed Mark's advice when she thanked him for taking the time to visit and appreciate the tasty delights of a school garden!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Movement, Colour and Fun!

Use wooden salad bowls to make Toadstools! 
Paint pots to add colour!

Adorn pots with Garden Art to stimulate interesting conversations!
Add a Chalkboard to encourage creative designs!

Provide a Birdbath for Native Birds