Friday, December 20, 2013

It's Christmas in Australia!

Christmas in Australia means many things, i.e fun hair decorations, painting seed pods from Jacaranda trees to use to make a genuine Aussie Christmas Tree and of course making delicious Christmas biscuits to share with friends - all of this is done to celebrate the real meaning of Christmas ... Peace on earth, Goodwill to all! 
Happy Christmas & Summer Holidays!

Friday, December 6, 2013

One Potato, Two Potato ....

One potato, two potato, three potato, four, five potato, six potato, seven potato, more!

This was the hope of students at St Bernadette's Primary, Lalor Park as they planted their sprouting potato! They articulated that the potato would also need Sun and Water as it snuggled under the layer of Soil, which was just like a blanket or a quilt!
A visit to the Library was a good follow-up to the planting activity and it was exciting to discover that two great Potato books were available to share with the rest of Kindergarten!