Saturday, May 21, 2011

Nature at it's best!


Language Group students from St Michael's Primary Blacktown South and St Patrick's Primary Blacktown, travelled to Clarendon to visit the Hawkesbury Show on Friday 13 May! A variety of language skills were needed to navigiate through the day, these included following instructions, identifying vegetables, fruit, animals, and machinery, learning the layout of the showground and socialising with the friendly Hawkesbury community! It seems Anna still has an affinity with sheep (see 'Anna and the Sheep' video) fire engines have changed over the years and a day at the Show is exhausting!


Sunday, May 15, 2011


St Francis Kindergarten students took a Nature Walk as part of a 'God's Creation' unit to look for different kinds of leaves, just as they are all different! They wend their way to the Kitchen Garden and disovered some different types of fruit and vegetables to taste, smell and eat! A rested garden bed was claimed as a 'Kindergarden' and planted out with climbing beans. So the unit came to life and great conversation ensued!