Monday, February 29, 2016

Environment Team 2016!

Please meet the Environment Team for 2016!

Congratulations to all these passionate and enthusiastic students who will be guiding the community through some exciting and interesting challenges in and around the school grounds! Please assist them in their efforts to make St Bernadette’s a thriving, clean, natural environment and approach them with any ideas which you think will contribute to this important endeavour!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Taking Care of Our Place!

All outdoor areas at St Bernadette’s form part of the school garden, so in order to reinforce this concept, Stage 1 began the year with an Incursion – ‘Taking Care of Our Place’ (TCOOP) presented by Maria, from Georges River Environmental Education Centre.
The students learnt the importance of keeping the grounds and their yards at home, free from all rubbish and chemicals, so that all creatures can thrive in a clean environment.
Your children will be able to tell you what NOT to put down the drain, they might remind you to TURN OFF lights and electrical appliances when not in use and maybe even suggest that you set up a FROG POND and BIRDBATH, just like the ones in the school yard! 


Thursday, February 4, 2016

'Learning and Fun in Our Garden'

Welcome to 2016 and a new year of 'Learning and Fun in Our Garden'  ... the heading of the weekly item in the school Newsletter!
The garden produced some magic of its own over the Summer break ... Cucumbers, an Apple, flowering Bromeliads, and Lettuce which went to seed! The return to school means it is time to start again ... so let the clean-up, composting and clearing begin!