Thursday, March 21, 2013

Twelfth PLCfS Meeting!

Fifteen interested educators gathered at St Bernadette's Primary Castle Hill on Wednesday 19 March to attend the twelfth Parramatta Learning Community for Sustainability meeting.

Statute of St Francis of Assisi to acknowledge Pope Francis
The Agenda included:
  • Welcome to St Bernadette’s and a tour of the garden by current and past students of the school! 
  • Acknowledgement of Country 
  • Reflection: ‘Call to Care’
  • ASSISI, On Holy Ground, Australian Education Sustainability Alliance: CEA
  •  Immersion Day – St John’s Primary Riverstone 
  •  Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Bus Tour 
  • The Tomorrow Book’ by Jackie French
  •  ‘Eat It to Beat It’: NSW Cancer Council
  •  Sustainable Schools’ Website
  •  Forming a Steering Group
From Little Things Big Things Grow!
Welcoming Committee!
Growing herbs in a rock wall!
Corn which goes to seed will regrow!
Colourful tyres with bin inserts to grow spuds!

This space is for a new garden!
Thriving snow-peas!
A delicious afternoon tea with produce from the garden!
Diary dates: 
  • Earth Hour for Schools Friday 22/3 
  • Walk to School Day Friday 24/5

Term Two Meeting: Delany College Granville – Wednesday 22 May 4pm

Monday, March 18, 2013

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Bus Tour!

Representatives from the KG foundation welcomed visitors to Stanmore PS
Keyhole gardening at Stanmore PS
A healthy morning tea at Old Guildford PS
Pizza Oven and Scarecrow at Whalan PS

Greeted by Chefs at Old Guildford PS

 Wet and dry compost areas at Whalan PS

Reusing roof tiles at Whalan PS!
Recycling at Whalan PS
Reusing bricks at Old Guildford PS
Old Guildford PS
A delicious lunch at St Clair PS

St Clair PS

Old Guildford PS

To find out more go to:

Kitchen Labels from and