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Nano's Nature Nurturers

Nano’s Nature Nurturers
  Meeting held in the library St Michael’s Primary Blacktown South
                                         9 August 2010  

Present:  Charlotte Gourlie, Sandra Russo, Danielle Ottley,
               Paula Murphy, Gai Clark, Alicia Politano: St Michael’s           
               Carol Hawkes:       St Patrick’s Primary Blacktown
               Carolyn Duval:      Good Shepherd Primary Plumpton       
               Zhan Patterson:     Sustainable Resources Engagement Officer - BCC
               Clare Maloney:      Itinerant Teacher: Communication - CEO
Apologies:    John Laffan:          Principal - St Michael’s,
                        Michael Siciliano:   Assistant Principal - St Michael’s

 Reflection – “Just the Way You Are”

  1. On Wednesday 25 August, Nano Cottage Kitchen Garden Language Group students and three Year Six students will plant out tube stock trees and ground cover in a designated area of the school. This is Part 2 of an environmental project with the Greening Australia Schools program.

  1. Charlotte is collecting coupons through the McCain’s Veggie Patch offer, which closes on 31 October.

  1. Sandra organized a day for teachers to label students’ hats and jackets, to minimise “wastage” of students’ uniforms and to save money for parents.

  1. The school newsletter now has a “Green Zone” column … thanks Sandra … feel free to contribute!

  1. Clare suggested that schools adopt the idea of a “Waste Free Wednesday” where all rubbish brought to school on that day, is taken home.

  1. Zhan presented the group with challenging questions on environmental issues and asked participants to give reasons for their answers – very thought provoking! Zhan also spoke about every day items which are made using OIL such as sticking tape, aspirins, credit cards and lipstick, with a reminder that the continued supply of oil is not a given! Zhan showed vision of a community village in Scotland where residents are working towards sustainability … very inspiring! Thank you Zhan for your contribution, especially on your day off!

September is Biodiversity Month, Week 2 – Term 4 is Water Week and the Parramatta Learning Community for Sustainability meeting is on Wednesday 8 September, 11.30am at St Francis of Assisi Primary Glendenning. Guest presenters  will be Jacqueline Remond, Executive Director of Catholic Earthcare Australia and Zhan Patterson Sustainable Resources Engagement Officer – BCC.
 A website of interest:

Next Meeting: 3.15pm Monday 1 November - Week 4 -Term 4 at NCKG
                                            (All Saints day)
                                        ALL WELCOME

Charlotte's delicious carrot and walnut cake ... thanks Charlotte!

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