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Nano's Nature Nurturers

Nano’s Nature Nurturers
          Meeting held at Nano Cottage Kitchen Garden - 21June 2010  

Present: Michael Siciliano         Assistant Principal
             Charlotte Gourlie         3G
             Sandra Russo               3R
             Zhan Patterson            Sustainable Resources Engagement Officer
                                                Blacktown City Council
             Clare Maloney             Itinerant Teacher: Communication

 Prayer- “Let us make a start, however small”
             (Windows on the Gospel – Flor McCarthy)

  1. Nano Cottage Kitchen Garden Language Group students and three Year Six students will travel to the River Recovery Nursery, Oxley Park, on Wednesday 21 July for an environmental project with the Greening Australia Schools program. On Wednesday 25 August, the students will plant out tube stock trees and ground cover in a designated area of the school.

  1. Charlotte has placed an item in the school Newsletter re the McCain’s Veggie Patch offer.

  1. Charlotte will investigate a “novel/innovative” idea, in order to apply for a Young Horticulturist Grant. Applications will be received up until 2011.

  1. Sandra will organize a day for teachers to label students’ hats and jackets, to minimise “wastage” of students’ uniforms and to save money for parents.

  1. Clare to meet with Mitchell in 6E, to discuss sustainability issues which can be implemented in the school. Reference:

  1. Michael to contact All Saints Primary at Liverpool to discuss their sustainability audit and the process involved.

  1. Charlotte and Sandra to periodically write a small item for the school Newsletter, under a title e.g. “Green News” or “Nano Nature Nurturers”, accompanied by a photo of interest, to highlight initiatives happening at the school, or to give practical hints. E.g. How to reduce flies in the compost bin!
  1. Zhan raised issues around:

  • Population growth doubling by 2050
  • Climate Change
  • Social Justice
  • Education
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle
  • Tracking carbon use
  • Think global – act local
  • Deep embedding in school culture – transformation of the way we do business 
Zhan is available to speak with students on Waste Management issues and can also speak at staff meetings, (in her own free time) on ways which Education for Sustainability, can be integrated into the curriculum …….. Thank you Zhan!

The “Parramatta Learning Community for Sustainability” meeting is on Wednesday 8 September, 11.30am at St Francis of Assisi Primary Glendenning. Guest speaker will be Jacqueline Remond, Executive Director of Catholic Earthcare Australia.

Websites/Books of interest:                                                                                     

Outdoor Classrooms – a handbook for school gardens by Carolyn Nuttall & Janet Millington

How to succeed with Education for Sustainability by Josephine Lang

      Next Meeting 3.15pm Monday 9 August - Week 4 at NCKG

                                   ALL WELCOME

Students experience nature “first hand” at St Michael’s as animals wander around the farm and gentle rain falls on Nano Cottage Kitchen Garden!

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