Saturday, August 6, 2011

Kitchen Garden Bus Tour!

The 'Garden Buds' from St John's Primary Riverstone, boarded the Nagle College Blacktown South bus, on 1 August (Horses' Birthday and Wattle Day) for a Kitchen Garden tour of four schools in the local area. General consensus was that it was 'one of the best days ever' and the students hope the tour becomes a regular event!

First stop St Francis of Assisi Primary Glendenning where students were served warm mini pizzas by the cooking group and mingled with the Language Group students!

At St Andrew's Primary Marayong the students wandered through the herb garden, the strawberry patch and met two attractive scarecrows! Using old filing cabinets as garden beds, was put on the 'Creative Ideas' list!

Garden gnomes, mirrors, no-dig gardens, and Rose Cottage were added to the list of good ideas, at St Patrick's Primary Blacktown and students were each given a packet of seeds for their school or home garden!

Last stop was Nano Cottage Kitchen Garden at St Michael's Primary Blacktown South, where students enjoyed their lunch, helped to water the garden, stir the compost and spent time getting to know Butterscotch and Nugget, the Nagle Farm calves!

Time to return to school with some nasturtiums to plant and stories to tell!

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