Friday, February 18, 2011

Sustainability resources on the Internet

Catholic Earthcare Australia's mission is to help promote understanding among people that Creation is sacred and endangered, and must be protected and sustained for present and future generations yet unborn. The website provides articles, resources, podcasts, spiritual reflections and more.

Sustainable Schools NSW is a government-funded program that helps schools integrate environmental learning and awareness into all aspects of their activities including the classroom, the canteen, school grounds, travel to and from school, the office, workshops and sports carnivals etc.

This website provides information, resources. Sustainability curriculum framework, professional development days and information on available grants.

Environment and Sustainable Development Policy Development in K–12 Schools in Manitoba and Canada An initial exploration
This paper was prepared as an initial look at environmental and sustainable development policy development in Manitoba and Canada. The paper includes numerous examples of school and district initiatives from Canada and other jurisdictions. As the document points out, this is still relatively new territory for kindergarten to Grade 12 schools.
Download the pdf of this document here.

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