Saturday, February 26, 2011

Repairing summer damage in the garden and the arrival of twin lambs!

The students enjoyed doing the many jobs which needed to be attended to in the Nano Cottage Kitchen Garden, at St Michael's Primary Blacktown South, after the long hot summer holiday break. Watering, replanting peas, harvesting cherry tomatoes and stirring the compost were tasks which were carried out with great skill and enthusiasm! Casey decided that Jackie the scarecrow needed a makeover, so she brought along her old pink gumboots from home.

Jacqui the scarecrow, is now ready to frighten the black birds that live in the nearby tree!
Zena the sheep, lives at Nagle College Agriculture Farm, adjacent to NCKG and to the delight of the Language Group students, gave birth to twin lambs on 11 February. The Nagle students named the black one Gilbert and his sister, Sienna.

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