Thursday, May 14, 2015

It's Just the Beginning!


When Ros, from Bunnings at Seven Hills came to deliver a Dynamic Turn & Go Composter, to St Bernadette's Primary at Lalor Park, the Environment Team accepted the generous donation and were then keen to interview Ros.
Teegan, Chan, Zakiya, Ryan, Emma, Sandra and Shreeparna, now have the answers to their questions!  
1. “What are the best plants to grow all year round?”
2. “How does compost help the garden to grow?”
3. “What is your favourite thing to do in your garden and why?”

4. “What effect will the compost have on worms in the garden?’ 
5. “How will having a compost bin help our garden?”
6. “How does recycling help the environment?”
7. “What can we do to protect the environment?”

THANK YOU BUNNINGS - SEVEN HILLS ... let the composting begin!

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