Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Word from Florence!

Florence, who is in Year 3 at Holy Trinity Primary, Granville
has an important message to share!

Imagine our beautiful parks with beautiful trees and nice fresh air. If our parks are full of rubbish, how can we have nice fresh air? We will not have nice fresh air, we will have polluted air, dead grass and dying trees, so we must stop doing bad things to our beautiful environment! Most people want to have a healthy environment with nice parks. So please stop and look after our environment!

Reason One:
"I strongly believe that we are not doing enough for the environment. For example we are not looking after God's creation. People cut down trees. God made the trees to protect us from the sun. Animals need trees and trees give us fresh air!"


Reason Two:
"I absolutely believe that we are not doing enough for the environment. For example, some people do not care about the environment so they put the rubbish in the wrong bins.Some children eat their bananas and put the skins in the paper bin! The important thing for the environment is to stop putting your rubbish in the wrong bins ... that is my recommendation!"

Reason Three:
"Thirdly, I definitely  believe that we are not doing enough to look after the environment. For example if you see rubbish at school, please pick it up and if your Mum gives you food that you don't want to eat, take it home. When visitors come from other countries they will see that the environment is clean!"

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