Friday, February 8, 2013

Immersion day!

On Monday 4 February, St John’s Primary, Riverstone started the second week of term with an Immersion Day to engage students in learning activities focused around healthy living and contributing to a sustainable society.

Students from Kindergarten to Year 6 participated in the Immersion Day activities including water fun, sport, gardening, dancing, healthy cooking, designing posters and creating short movies promoting the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

St John’s Principal, Marian Bell, said the day was a huge success.

‘By immersing the students in the activities, we wanted them to think about how the choices they make contribute to their health and well being,’ said Marian. ‘This day has now set the scene for learning in Term 1 and students will continue this learning by coming up with their own ideas around healthy living.

‘They have already put forward some great ideas such as developing an activity program during lunchtime, getting the whole school to participate in a healthy food and drink break at morning tea, and even creating their own healthy eating cook book.’

Marian said providing every student with the same experiences during Immersion Day will ‘spring board’ the learning for students to discuss in their classes and throughout the school.

Parents, Mary and Richard Camilleri, sent an email to St John’s following Immersion Day to share how well their children responded to the activities.

‘Our boys have not stopped talking about what a great day they had at school today,’ the email read. ‘It seems to have been a fun day with lots of learning experiences.’

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