Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ten Tiny Things & The Magnificent Tree!

These two books will enhance students' observation and vocabulary skills and give them plenty to talk about!

It was a red thing. It was a sparkly thing.
It was a tiny, tiny thing
Tessa and Zachary have a machine that is swift and splendiferous. Every day it carries them from here to there and back again in cool calm comfort. But one morning, the machine breaks down. Tessa and Zachary are forced to venture into the world beyond its metal walls – a place of secret somethings and hidden happenings. Getting from here to there may never be the same …

As you can only imagine, Nick Bland and Stephen Michael King make a STELLAR team. Together, they have created a book that warms your heart from beginning to end. The Magnificent Tree is not only a celebration of the relationship between a child and grandparent, but also a lesson in nurturing small ideas.

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