Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tips & Tricks!

 Websites of Interest (fruit trees) (strawberry runners) NSW Dept ED and Communities  Live Life Well (Crunch and Sip) (also have ipad/iphone app. Aussie site)  (chickens) also has links to sister sites. - click on sustainability in the home
Google - Tag Galaxy and put kitchen garden in the tag

Get wild with Animals and the environment on the iPad

There are lots of great options to study the global environment and its animals via the iPad. There are many Australian Apps which can support a range of K-6 HSIE topics such as Global Environments - Rainforests, State and National Parks, and Wet and Dry environments

Use or similar programs, to make colourful books to place in the school library

iPhones, iPads and laptops have ‘evernote’ – good to use for  recording audio and visual  data, Lisa Nash at LEX, is happy to run training sessions 

Vegie bags – contact Lisa Brown at Jarara

Grow cultural foods and invite families to give a history of their origins

Invite Costa Georgiadis to speak to students, teachers and parents

‘Kitchen Garden Bus Tour’, take the tour or be a ‘host’ school – contact Clare to make a booking!

Bush tucker plants – contact Erin Rowe
Promote school gardens on school websites and link to Kitchen Garden blog – … then name of school garden e.g SPKG for St Patrick’s Kitchen Garden – contact Lisa Nash for more details!

Posts for the blog i.e. photos and a blurb, can be sent to Clare 

Seed save and have students set up a stall to fund raise for seedlings and garden products ... this activity is a great way to develop practical language skills 

Visit other Schools/Early Learning Centres e.g. Glenhaven State School, Abbotsleigh College, 'Mia Mia' at Macquarie University, to see exciting and practical ways to use the outdoors as a learning space!

Keep an eye out for the next 'Youth Eco Summit’ for a great day of hands on learning!

Source plants which say something about your school e.g. St Patrick's Rose, St Michael's Rose

Look for vegies which grow in strange places and discuss how they came to be there?

Form an environment group such as 'Friends of our Earth' and invite all interested parties from the school community ... engenders great discussion and ideas!

Plant two olive trees to ensure success!

Build a mini green house and grow your own food from woe to go!

Books to engage students:



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