Wednesday, April 25, 2012

No Name Garden!

Despite the rain on day one of Term Two, the Year Six students at Holy Trinity Primary, Granville began to build their new garden! The background work involved drawing, sketching, measuring and photographing the designated space. The students' groups include Researchers, Planners, Designers, Builders, Media Personnel and Supervisors! The students are enjoying the guidance of a team of teachers from St Ignatius College, Riverview who are spending their 'service to community' time at Holy Trinity. The garden is in the beginning stages and the vision is to let it evolve into a Community Garden!

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  1. Kevin and the fabulous Year 6 team of children and staff,

    Thank you for a great few days at HTG. As I left on Tuesday I felt so privileged to have spent a few days with a group of students genuinely excited about their community garden. It was great to see all students engaged in the development of this exciting new initiative, with their various roles playing a part to the success of the project. Can you please send a few photos through...we have a reflection evening this Friday where we share and celebrate the service initiatives.

    I am looking forward to visiting again and will keep my eyes out for some more crops! Enjoy the next few weeks and keep in touch with the progress!

    Kind regards,

    PS Let me know how the parsley seeds progress.