Saturday, April 30, 2011

Time to Harvest!

A return to school means it's time to check for fresh produce and the Easter rains meant there was plenty to harvest! Cherry tomatoes, which were grown using seeds squirted from over-ripe tomatoes ... (a fun thing to do) peas, which were only planted before the holidays, and some carrots (one rather large) hiding amongst the nasturtiums, were a joy to discover! The two green strawberries will be watched carefully as they turn to red! The potatoes which were cut and planted in a sack have made good growth! A broccoli has appeared and it must be from one which went to seed last season!

Stone steps needed sweeping, beans needed to be staked and composting worms needed to be placed back in the bin ... a busy time all round but as always, time to greet the animals and welcome three lambs ... unfortunately the duck met its fate but Maria (a Year Six student) says her mother has two ducks to donate to the farm, a generous and welcome offer, even though one duck is lame!

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