Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nano's Nature Nurturers

Nano’s Nature Nurturers
Meeting held at Nano Cottage - St Michael’s Primary Blacktown South
                                         1 November 2010  

Present:       Charlotte Gourlie, Sandra Russo, Gai Clark, Michael Siciliano:            St Michael’s      
                   Carol Hawkes:       St Patrick’s Primary Blacktown  
                    Zhan Patterson:     Sustainable Resources Engagement Officer - BCC
                    Clare Maloney:      Itinerant Teacher: Communication – CEO
                        Peter Blanch:         Science Teacher: Oakhill College, Castle Hill
Apologies:    John Laffan, Paula Murphy: St Michael’s          
Reflection   The DaffodilsWilliam Wordsworth

  1. Planting of trees and grasses was successfully carried out on 25 August. Students recently observed the progress of the plantings and at least 85% are doing well!

  1. Charlotte reported that potato bags (see instructions); netting and packets of seeds were received as a result of the McCain’s Veggie Patch promotion. Gloves from the Telegraph give away, will also be used by NCKG students … well done Charlotte!

  1. Sandra continues to encourage all students to have name labels on hats and jackets to minimise wastage of students’ uniforms and to save money for parents … Keep up the challenge Sandra!

  1. “Green Zone” has become a regular in the school newsletter … Thank you Sandra and best wishes! A new contributer will be needed to replace Sandra in 2011?
  2. Waste Free Wednesday was again discussed … suggestions that it commence with primary students only and all other students encouraged to bring their lunch in “Nudie” containers or something similar, which makes cling wrap unnecessary. A “No Rubbish Day” was also discussed …. On this day all bins would be removed from the playground and all rubbish taken home. Parents would need to be informed in advance.

  1. Zhan is able to give session on Waste Management, to nominated grades, in December …. Charlotte to organise dates. Thank you Zhan!

  1. Charlotte will represent St Michael’s at the Parramatta Learning Community for Sustainability meeting, to be held at St Bernadette’s Lalor Park on Wednesday 24 November. Kevin Mills (principal) will represent St Patrick’s Blacktown and Clare will represent CEO.

  1. Charlotte and Clare are preparing an application for a Student Sustainability Leadership grant, on offer from Westpac Junior Landcare. This will involve Years Five and Six students and needs to be completed by 10 December 2010. John is supporting this project and Zhan hopes to be able to endorse it. A “One World Garden” concept has been floated which would involve all families contributing a brick, to build a garden bed in the vicinity of the new Learning Centre. Planting may include native/edible species, from diverse cultural backgrounds …. Watch this space!

  1. Zhan shared the following names as reference for “Deep Ecology”. Google: John Seed, Joanna Macy and Arne Naess – known as the father of Deep Ecology. Worth a look … thank you Zhan!

  1. Peter’s talk about Oakhill College was both informative and inspiring. He spoke of the steps taken to declare the college, Carbon Neutral and the ongoing challenge to reach Carbon Sustainability! Small steps include:
       turning off lights and computer monitors
        recycling paper and anything with a recycling symbol
        researching the story of rubbish
        joining the Sustainable Schools Network (Charlotte will revisit)
        encouraging the school leadership team, students and parents to come on board
        embedding a “Care for the Environment” into four levels of school life: Faith, Service Sport and Academia
        introducing all staff to“On Holy Ground” see
        keeping “All things Green” on the agenda, e.g. Green Awards at assemblies, posters around the school, mention at staff meetings, etc.

            Peter may be available to speak at staff meetings in 2011, if requested!

          Next Meeting: 3.15pm Thursday 3 March -Term 1 at NCKG
                                        ALL WELCOME

                       Old Indian saying: “Better to know one mountain, than climbed many”

NNN meeting 1/11/10          


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